About Us

Aparna Sanjay

Whatever she touches she turns it into gold (Midas, much?). She (supposedly) has been singing and dancing since forever and is into a fair bit of sport. Jack of all trades? Nah, more like Queen of all trades. Having lived in Kochi since day 1 of existence, she dreams of changing the world through the realms of law (talk about dreaming big) and is presently an undergrad student in Bangalore.

Gouri Ramesh

She’s not your average next-door-girl. Probably the most blunt and matter-of-fact person ever (in the words of her best friend a.k.a the co-author). She likes to write (clearly) and has always loved the battle(Tennis). She is also someone who loves to travel, explore and experiment. As her love for Kochi keeps bringing her back there despite college being in Kollam, she aspires to become an engineer in the years to come, if her attendance record permits.